Winning Victoriously!


Being a knitting addict brings some comical signs and symptoms that only other addicts can identify with….

I have lots of knitting patterns. Lots….and lots….and lots….Some of these are online in my Ravelry library, but the majority live at home in glorious hard copy….next to the bed, next to the sofa, behind the sofa, in one of my numerous knitting bags that holds odd patterns. The list of places is endless. What goes with the patterns though takes up far more room.

Yarn. Lots of yarn. 

It’s impossible for me to walk past a yarn shop without going in and looking what’s available. When I go on holiday I seek out all the local wool shops and visit them individually. On different days. So I can really browse. This usually results in me coming home with a new load of yarn which I usually have a pattern in mind for (I use the term usually very loosely here!…)

Like all knitters and crocheters the world over I have a large stash of yarn. I have enough to keep me busy for the next two years plus. So I’ve decide to begin a project using some stashed yarn (so I can make more room for future purchases, of course!)

Along with my 50s summer lacey cotton jumper, I’m using a cotton/wool blend Rowan yarn which has recently been discontinued. This means I got it cheap (yay!!) at a half price bargain…and it would be wrong to not buy it when it’s cheap! So I’m currently playing yarn chicken with what I have left of four colours. So far I have completed the front and back, with enough for the sleeves, possibly with the stripes, if not, then in plain black.

The pattern is a 1940s Your Victory Jumper pattern, available to download for free (yay!) here free download pattern The original uses three colours, however, as I have less yarn, but more colours, I decided to add a fourth colour way into the pattern, which is leading to an interesting pattern repeat.

IMG_1960        IMG_1961

I’m expecting to finish this project in the next two weeks. That will include blocking it, sewing the ends in and making it up. Although it’s a little too warm for this sweater now, it will be handy to pull on once the weather begins to cool in October, so I’ll get plenty of wear out of it before the year is out.

If you have identified with the stash story above, then you too are a knitting addict. Long may there be no cure, except another woolly sweater!! 🙂





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