I’m a vintage vixen with a love of all things timeless – cardigans, sweaters, shawls, boleros, gloves, hats….the list goes on and on!

I make hand knitted garments using original patterns from 1930s through to the 1950s, as well as creating my own patterns to give a reproduction of those classic, vintage looks.

I am a self-confessed yarn snob and only use natural fibres in all my work. Hell! it can take a while to create or follow a hand knitted pattern from the first cast on stitch to the last press of the final garment; and it seems only right to use a yarn that brings the real beauty of the piece to life. So whether that’s the warmest wool from the fleece of Shetland Isle sheep, the haze of mohair, the softest alpaca fleece or the purest silk; each garment stands out as a piece of unique beauty. Sometimes I mix fibres, such as mohair and merino wool to create a soft halo on a sturdier garment, but I think the final results speak for themselves.

So welcome, feel free to browse and see my past and current projects!

I have plenty of original and own designed patterns for one off, unique pieces using the softest, thinnest fibres for that truely vintage look!